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Lady dancing at the festival with a reusable cup

Thanks to Cindy. New Zealand’s Prime Minister. You can still party on your way into 2021.

You will be required to quarantine in a hotel for 2 weeks and it will cost you $3000 NZD ($2200 USD) but isn’t that worth it. You would likely be stuck inside working anyway.

If you make it to New Zealand here are 3 festivals that are single-use plastic-free and still open for you to let you groove.

A NYE festival hidden in the hills near Auckland NZ. It’s a a3-day music festival in Mangawhai, an hour north of Auckland, bringing together a world-class…

McDonald's Reusable Cup — Globelet

It was always Globelet’s dream to see single-use plastic cups out of McDonald's and now it looks like it may be a reality.

The big kids just announced that they will be trialing reusable coffee cups to get rid of their single-use plastic coffee cup waste.

“Reuse is a really interesting, important tool in a suite of tools that we will need, and we’re exploring as we look to keep waste out of nature,” says Jenny McColloch, vice president of global sustainability at McDonald’s Corporation.

Jenny like many sustainability professionals is leading the way in stopping single-use plastic at their…

We round up 10 of the best music festivals taking place across Australia this summer.

They are also the 10 greenest festivals on this side of the ditch.

All of them are reusable and are the most sustainable festivals out there.

From Beer Gardens, Surf Beaches, to watching the action from your very own yacht, or just surfing someone New Zealand coastline — there’s something for everyone when it comes to summer music festivals here in New Zealand.

We put the spotlight on 10 festivals worth adding to your summer calendar Without further ado…


The first festival to see the…

Innings Festival USA

In February 2020 a festival in Arizona started by C3 Presents, one of the world's largest festival producers decided to eliminate disposable cups.

It was Innings Festival where over 50,000 single-use cups were stopped from landfills.

This is what a festival normally looks like

The US economy wastes over 100 million dollars in value from the disposal of single-use plastics every year. As consumer demands are becoming more sophisticated, customers are seeking greater environmental responsibility from the events they choose to attend.

Source: BBC

So why are we still seeing venues waste massive amounts of money on single-use plastic cups?

Here’s what events look like with disposable plastic versus reusable cups:

  • Single-use plastic cups littering the ground.
  • Negative PR from plastic waste.
  • Missed marketing opportunity from unbranded cups.
  • Single-use plastic free.
  • Enhanced and more personalized experience for attendees.
  • Cost savings on waste management.
  • Marketing brand in…

Source: Morgan Stanley

Reusable packaging is a 10 billion dollar opportunity.

According to a recent report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, reusable packaging and solutions to plastic waste total to a 10+ billion dollar business opportunity.

While in the past reusable systems have often been thought of as inconvenient to consumers and businesses, new innovation is rethinking the ways in which businesses can stand to benefit by reducing single-use plastic.

“Globally, replacing just 20% of single-use plastic packaging with reusable alternatives offers an opportunity worth at least USD 10 billion,” the report finds.

With the growing build up of plastic waste around the…

Jill Savery, Source: 11th Hour Racing

1996 at the Atlanta Olympic Games, Jill Savery became a gold medalist in synchronized swimming. Now, still an influential force in the industry, she works with major events and venues to promote sustainable practices, combining her two passions — sports and the environment.

Here are 5 things to know about Jill and her impact on sustainability in sports.

While Dixie’s disposable white cups may seem commonplace in grocery and convenience stores today, just before 1918 people enjoyed their food from metal and glass hardware for drinking and dining. Paper cups were generally unheard of — if you can believe it.

With the arrival of the Spanish Flu in 1918, Dixie’s mediocre, yet slow success thus far, shot up as healthcare professionals and average people opted for disposables. Launching a series of ads pushing the cup’s sanitary superiority, Dixie quickly became a household name.

“No matter how clean it may look, the soda glass is a common carrier of…

Stadiums and arenas filled with thousands of fans seems crazy to think about right now but eventually–whenever that may be– in-person sporting events and concerts will return. However, they’ll probably look a little different.

Last week the Stadium Managers Association held a discussion about how COVID-19 will shape the fan experience at future stadium events. We decided to gather a list of possible changes that many in the industry foresee possibly happening at large, in-person events.

1. Socially distanced (and very long) lines for entry, food, and concessions.

With a minimum of 6ft between each party entering a venue, lines…

Believe it or not, sports stadiums are becoming leaders in the green business movement.

According to many GMs in the stadium management space, sustainable stadium practices help to significantly reduce energy and waste management costs for these mammoth structures. On top of this, these green practices positively add to the patron experience for a younger generation of fans that are increasingly conscious of corporate sustainability.

With the announcement of Amazon’s new Climate Pledge Arena — touted as one of the most sustainable stadiums in the world — we thought we’d share a list ranking the green-est arenas in the U.S…


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